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Tilson is a high growth, 100 person team of telecom and information technology professionals with a world-wide practice. Tilson provides services to industry and government in:

  • Wireless site acquisition, construction, and DAS for mobile carriers, public safety, and smart grid applications
  • Information technology, including software development, project management, and information security
  • Fiber optic engineering, permitting, and construction management

Mission - Our mission is to serve our customers by building and transforming the information technology and communications infrastructure that enables great organizations to be creative, innovate, and deliver. 

Vision - Our vision is for Tilson to be a world leader in developing information and communications technology projects by building a team of phenomenal people working together on large scale, meaningful, impactful projects for great clients serving the public good. Our team environment will be a place where intellectually curious, motivated, and talented people can work with purpose, mastery, and autonomy. We will strive to listen to our clients, integrate with them as a team, and internalize their goals. 

Values - We will run our business sustainably, for its financial health, people and the public good. We believe in:

  • Safety by putting the health and safety of our team and clients first
  • Integrity in our financials, contracting, marketing, customer service, and compliance
  • Quality by being committed to doing good work
  • Sharing our success across the company
  • Respect for our employees, clients, and partners
  • Awareness and concern for our employee’s family and personal success
  • Transparency in our internal and external reporting, customer service, and HR practices
  • Having fun 

Our Differentiators - We know that in a technology world of service quality problems and project failure, we want to run our company differently. Our customers will always get:

  • Real-time and accurate project controls on a weekly basis
  • Engaged, talented, creative, and experienced people thinking ahead of their challenges
  • Strong corporate governance in a closely held company- a management, subcontractor, ownership, and advisory team that is responsible and accountable
  • Proposal-development, writing, and teaming capabilities